Maintaining First Aid Kits

Reduce the risk of not having what you need, when incidents happen. We will inspect your workplace first aid kit, eyewash stations, AED’s and more every month, stocking only the supplies required by the OHS regulations in your province. Although we carry many extra supplies, these will only be left if you approve the purchase.

How are we different than other providers?
We offer you reliable service, cheaper rates and accountability. Every kit we inspect will have a checklist completed, so we can show you exactly where you needed the supplies we left. Call today to get started and take this hassle off your desk!

Expiration dates of certifications

Tired of trying to keep track of when your staff’s certifications expire and then having to find a course somewhere? Let us take that off your desk and put it on ours! We can track when your staff have a certification expiring and start dealing with it months prior, so they are always compliant. This leads to a safer work environment and reduces your liability.

Sourcing training we do not provide

Need training we do not provide? We will source out the training you require or use our training partners to make sure you get what you need, without the hassle. You will simply get an email with a time and date that your employee is booked for training.

Selling Supplies

We have a wide variety of supplies including first aid, AED’s, traffic vests and much more. Contact us to discuss your needs today!